Friday, November 20, 2009

Latest WIP

simply square buttonSo I've been working on the quilting on this one lately. I literally put this one together in 4 days. It's not the greatest sewing but I had to slam it out to get the meandering done on the long arm before mom left town. Anyway, here is the WIP. I found the pattern in Fabric Trends. I absolutely love this quilt! I think its funny... the ones that I absolutely love always seem to have the most mistakes! I may have to do this pattern over again. My frustration on this pattern was that there was so much give in the fabric on the bias of the triangles that the blocks all turned out different sizes. I find that so frustrating because I KNOW I'm not pulling on the fabric. It just happens... Any advice?? It's much appreciated!
I didn't quilt the baskets on the long arm. I am in the middle of quilting them on my Janome 6500. I find that I have more control over stitching straight lines on it...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gobble Til Ya Wobble!

Is it really almost Thanksgiving?? Holy Moly!! This year has just flown by! Time to start gearing up for the holidays! I wanted to share this cute little turkey I made a couple years ago... I use him every year! I don't recall which company made the pattern but it sure is cute!!