Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bramble Berries Quilt

This is my quilt for 2012.  It was a work in progress during the whole year and I completed it by January 2013.  I found the Bramble Berries Fabric by Buggy Barn and fell in love with it.  The pattern was re-created from a picture/pattern floating around on Pinterest.  But I felt like it needed more so I added the border.   I've never put this much work into a border before!  I can honestly say that the border took me as long as the main part of the quilt.  Lots of sewing time!!    The picture above does not show the quilt with the finished binding on it.  The binding was done in the main red fabric (same one as inner border).

I honestly couldn't tell you how much fabric I used in this since it was a work in progress.  I calculated everything by graphing the pattern out and calculating each size and cut of the blocks.  But I can tell you that I used 6 1/2 yards of 60" minky on the back.

                                                       The machine quilting pattern is called Petal Pushers.  When I found it I thought it was a great fit for the fabrics in this collection.  And I love how the back side turned out.  I have been using Minky on the backs of my quilts for a while now and still love it!  I love how it quilts out and the pattern that it creates on the Minky.  Since this quilt was King Size I used up almost a whole cone of thread.  I guess that's the downside of a smaller/thinner pattern. 

We are finally getting the computer/notebook upgrade to the Handi-quilter.  Hopefully that will help make the system a little more user friendly.  I'm hoping to get a little more creative with the machine quilting once the software is installed. 


Anita said...

A totally adorable quilt, love it!

Spandex collection said...

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