Saturday, January 31, 2009

How I plan a quilt square..

Well,I have tried many things including using Electric Quilt 5 programs to try to visualize what my quilt will look like. The program is so frustrating to me! I sat down and figured this out--and I really like it! I am a paper crafter as well as a quilter. I found this useful because you can create a grid without having to see the blue lines on a sheet of grid paper... If you look at the first picture, I took a blank sheet of cardstock and scored it every 1 inch--horizontally and vertically. Then I cut the paper down to 8 x 8 inches. I did this because the square I have planned out is a 16 x 16 inch square. I marked the pattern on the grid with a marker to bring out he pattern. What I particularly like about doing this is that you can see the squares and you can see the pattern without having to visualize those blue lines... Also with this you can flip it over and use the other side for another block.

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