Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tragedy Strikes Close to Home

Our whole town is mourning the death of two teens killed last night. The accident happened less than 1/4 mile from my home on the train tracks. You can see the news story HERE. My son was friends with these kids. Our town is a very small town so all the kids here are pretty tight. Last night I heard the sounds of the train blaring--quite a bit more than usual, and even louder than normal. The kids were standing on the double-line railroad tracks on the northbound track. Apparently (according to the local kids) the they were waiting for the freight train heading south on the southbound tracks to go by and were watching the end of the train while waiting for it to go by.. They think they didn't hear the oncoming Amtrak train (going northbound) because the freight train was so loud. The Amtrak train blared his horns for a long time, and the teens did not move. It has just been a hard hit on this community. There are piles of flowers and balloons around their make-shift memorial. Tragedies like this never make sense.... My condolences go out to these families and friends.

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