Saturday, August 28, 2010

Machine Quilting as a business

So I'm seriously considering investing in a professional machine to start a business in Machine Quilting.. I am wondering, though, how much to charge for machine quilting. If you have any ideas, knowledge, etc. please leave me a comment! All of your thoughts are appreciated!


SandyQuilts said...

You might want to join some longarm forums ... they quilt for a living.

OR some yahoo email groups .. here's just one

What kind of machine are you considering?

Kristi said...

I'm on eleven years longarming and highly recommend it. I bought a Gammill Classic 14' just bare bones in 1999. I charge by the square foot because that works for me, but you can use inches, feet, or style. I worked with pantographs for the first year and then left that for the front of the machine.

My site is

Good Luck!