Sunday, July 20, 2008

Work in progress...

These are all quilts I made. We usually take the picture of the quilt unfinished because we use the quilting machine at my mom's house and then take it home to finish the edges. The two on the top were made two at a time--2 of the same quilts. It only makes sense to make two when the design is a one way design and you are left with the other half to throw away... It's such a waste! So I made two of each design and gave them away as Christmas gifts. The third quilt was given to my husband for Christmas. It's flannel with pheasants. Perfect for the winter time. The last one is my own design. I tend to work toward a more rustic appearance. This one is on my couch and I love it!! It is quilted with shapes of moose and bear in the bear paw squares.

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